Frame Your Card

Are you a sentimental person like me? I think I've kept every card I've ever been given! They are great to look back on, and an excellent reminder of love. Buuuuut as much as it is meaningful to keep these little love notes, they can take up a lot of room.

When I decided to start Thistle & Lore, the solution to this was a no brainer - a card with out cliche sayings and art work, that can be detached and framed as it's own piece of art and a lasting reminder of your loved ones.

Each card can fit perfectly in a 4x6 frame and has instructions on the back on how to cut effectively. It's super easy (trust me), but I'm a visual learner and who doesn't love a tutorial! 


1. Cut along the dotted line on the bend of the card. I've measured this out so it will be the desired size

2. Place the cut piece of art inside a frame or mat fit for a 4x6 print

3. Hang or place wherever you wish to be reminded of how much you are loved!

Extra step: keep, throw away, set on fire the message on the other side of the card


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