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I am so excited to announce the next organization Thistle & Lore will be giving back to! From the beginning of July 2024 to the end of Sept we will donate 5% of each order to Animal Investigation and Response.


"Based in Texas, Animal Investigation and Response was formed by two certified animal cruelty investigators who saw a need to help connect agencies with strategies and resources to investigate as well as provide aid for situations that exceed the scope of a community’s reach

Working side by side, they are the only mobile animal response unit in Texas that helps authorities with large-scale animal cruelty cases and disaster response. 


They work with law enforcement and animal control with limited resources to establish animal abuse cases and provide emergency shelter if needed.

During a disaster they help provide emergency care and shelter. As well as help reunite displaced animals with their loved ones. Most recently they provided assistance to shelters in North Texas affected by extreme storms and flooding.


I've donating to and been on AIR's email list for a while and it's always so inspiring to see the work they do especially seeing the disaster relief and animal mill rescues. My pup is part beagle ( a breed used for testing) and it makes me happy to know there are people out there fighting on behalf of animals.


You can learn more at www.animalinvestigationandresponse.org



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